Weekly Social Media Wrap Up for May 4, 2012

Weekly Social Media Wrap UpEach Friday, we list the most popular or helpful articles we’ve seen and shared during the week on our social networks.

This article is an excellent resource that gives lots of great tips for optimizing your images…and since photos and images get the most engagement, I recommend you save this post (I’m saving it in Evernote).

Six Ways to Generate More Traffic Out of Your Images


I agree with almost all of the items on this list except for automated messages: I use Social Oomph and send each new follower an automated message, asking them for their Facebook Page/blog so we can connect there too; the people that respond are some of the best connections I’ve made on Twitter.

I think it helps sort out some of the people that wouldn’t be my ideal followers. And I just don’t have time to respond to each new follower (I tried that initially and just couldn’t keep up – even if you are only gaining 25-30 new followers a day, sending a message to each one manually becomes a challenge).

25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Twitter


There are some good tips on using Facebook ads here, from Mashable:

Four Ways to Drive Engagement with New Facebook Ads


Here is a good article about setting up your Google Plus Business Pages:

First 5 Things You Should Do with Your Google Plus Business Page


There are great tips in this article on LinkedIn at Social Media Examiner:

Five Tips to Build and Grow Your LinkedIn Network


Do you use any of these Twitter apps? I love Hootsuite!

Four Impressive Twitter Apps for Your Web Browser


My favorite tip in this article is #2 Give Yourself a Hard Stop: Try giving yourself an official end to the workday. Since my office is in my home, I always think I can squeeze in just 30 more minutes “later” and usually never get back to organize my desk for the next day!

8 Rules to Stay Productive When You Work for Yourself


Did you find any helpful social media or business articles this week that you’d like to share? List them in a comment below or post the link to our Facebook Page.


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