Weekly Social Media Wrap Up – Articles and Links 12-1-12

Weekly Social Media Wrap Up 12-1-12Each week, we list the 8 most popular or helpful articles we’ve seen and shared during the week on our social networks (in no particular order). Articles this week include a helpful social media cheat sheet, tools to create Infographics, some great social media strategy tips and more…


(1) 3 Free Tools for Creating Your Own InfographicsIf you want to make your own Infographics, these tools should help!

(2) The Ultimate Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] – A comprehensive cheat sheet for image/post sizes on major social media platforms. Very helpful!

(3) On Social Media, They Don’t Have to Follow You to be Listening – Excellent article that makes an important point for anyone who sets up social media profiles!

(4) 25 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your BrandHelpful tips on using Pinterest in this article.

(5) 5 Ways an Introvert Can Build a Thriving Online AudienceA great article and one of the top 3 in views this week!

(6) How to Get People to Listen to You on Social Media Some helpful tips, no matter what type of business you have on social media!

(7) How to Communicate Your Core DifferenceTerrific article on creating a message (or “elevator speech”) – I recommend saving this resource!

(8) Social Media Marketing Strategy: Starts with WhoThis article was published in June 2012, but is definitely “evergreen” content and offers great advice on building a buyer “persona”.

 Hope these articles help with your social media marketing!

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