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Terry helps small business owners with social media strategy, training and account management. With a background in marketing and training, she enjoys combining those two areas to teach business owners how to get the most out of their social media marketing. Connect with Terry on Twitter and Instagram @TerryLeague for more on social media with a mix of positive motivation and inspiration.


  1. Hi Terry

    This has been the most comprehensive blog on the subject of personal v business pinterest account.

    I hope you can clarify this for me because I can’t find the answer anywhere.
    I have a personal account that I use as a hobby but I now want a business account the content on the boards are not compatible. I think I have created two accounts but when I set up pinterest on my website, all my boards both personal and business show. How can I get only my business account boards to show on my website link?

    many thanks

    • Hi Susan! I’ve been researching just the same thing, and I’m super grateful for this post. The way that Pinterest does Secret Boards makes it a little complicated.

      You can’t CHANGE your existing pins and boards into secret ones.

      Go to the bottom of your profile and click “Create secret board.” It will look like a normal “Create board” but the background will be grey.

      If you really like, you can repin your public pins onto your secret board and then delete the public pins. The easier way would be to make a different email account for your business and personal Pinterest accounts. The personal Pinterest would be a personal email, and the business Pinterest would be the email attached to your site or business.

      Hope that helped! 🙂
      Lauren A recently posted..R2 Women’s Kelley EspadrillesMy Profile

  2. Still I can’t make a decision whether to switch from personal account to business. I’m already using my business name for the personal account url. My main goal is to drive traffic.
    Mike Asara recently posted..DJ Kitty Is In The HouSeMy Profile

  3. Hi Terry
    My business is an Insurance Agency I am concerned that Pinterest may use or try to download software to mt business computers which is one my lively hood two my systems have very private and sensitive information should I be concerned ? and do they charge anything please let me know if you can thanks.
    Barry Peralta recently posted..Welcome to Peralta InsuranceMy Profile

  4. The main thing I am concerned about is, are they suddenly going to start charging for business accounts *after* you have already worked a lot on building it up and there is no turning back…. so it will be like “pay me or die”…?

  5. Hi why is it the business account I’ve made Creations Playhouse is not searchable even though in the settings search is on ? Please advise.

  6. I am trying to convert BACK to personal from a business…how in the world do I do this? It’s not intuitive…or is it? :/

  7. Hi your link to business pinterest verify is not working.

  8. Is there an easy way to go back and forth from your business acct. to your personal acct.? I’ve been logging out of one and then logging in to the other. There has to be an easier way.

    • Cindy,
      You can open your second account in another browser. I normally use Chrome but will often open a second Pinterest (or Twitter) account by opening up Firefox.

  9. Thanks for an informative article, with easy links to check through. Will sit on the fence with making the change for awhile longer and see.
    Joan Stewart recently posted..QR Code MarketingMy Profile

  10. Hello Terry,
    I received an email from Pinterest today titled: “Drive more traffic to your website‏”.
    Inside the Pinterest team suggested that I should try converting my personal account to a “Pinterest Business Account”. Before reading this post I had no idea of the advantages off a business account.
    Thank You for the information.
    Thomas Andrews recently posted..How Does Metabolism Work?My Profile

  11. It would be great if Pinterest allow Pinterest users to toggle their Personal and Business. Just as Facebook had made it as “Use Facebook as” in user menubar. That would theoretically cut down user’s “navigation fatigue,” such as denial simple effort to share a click away, to do momentous task every single day.

    Personal collection never does mix in business atmosphere. How many of us are small (or medium)-business operator?

  12. This is very useful information for new bloggers as being fresher in this, you can not decide from userguides on pinterest.
    This has helped me a lot. Thank you.
    Sapana recently posted..15 Beautiful Pregnancy QuotesMy Profile

  13. Personal verses business account? I joined Perfectly Posh last week, and am trying to promote as an independent sales agent. I don;t know which account i best for me. Am I understanding correctly that you have to pay for the business account? These products are not y own. Can I still do this from a personal account?

    • Kimberly, you do not have to pay for a business account on Pinterest. If you decide to advertise with Promoted Pins, then you pay for that advertising; but Promoted Pins are an option.

      Pinterest’s terms of service state that if you are using your Pinterest account to conduct business, then it should be set up as a business account.

      Hope this helps!

      Terry League recently posted..Social Media Must Reads 2-5-17My Profile

  14. Debrah McCabe says:

    I am going to begin a blog called Ageless at Sixty and I have a personal Pinterest account. I plan on connecting to affiliates on my blog and using my Pinterest (with 500 followers) to show my affiliate links as well. Should I change the name of my personal account (Debrah McCabe) to the same name as my blog (Ageless at Sixty) for the sake of branding? Or just leave the name as is in order to not confuse current followers?

  15. Hi Terry,
    your post has been very useful to help me decide whether to get a personal or a business pinterest account. I didn’t know much about pinterest besides the name, so an acquaintance from another network redirected me to your blog. Anyway, I think I’ll start with a personal account and after acquiring some experience I’ll decide whether to upgrade to business or not.
    thanks again.

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