Weekly Social Media Wrap Up 7-20-14

Social Media Wrap Up 7-20-14

Every week, we share 5 articles from a variety of sites to help you stay up-to-date on the latest in social media marketing. This week’s list shares some major updates or new features for Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Also included are some great resources for creating graphics on-the-go, using quizzes to engage your audience, and following current rules for Facebook contests.

And just for fun, we include a photo from our local area here in Florida!

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1. Understanding Twitter Analytics: What you need to know!

Have you looked at the new Twitter analytics dashboard yet? You’ll need to set up an Ad account first (but you don’t have to actually place an ad to get access to the dashboard).

Check out this helpful guide to learn how to use Twitter’s new tool.

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2. How to Create Amazing Graphics with Phone Apps

This is a terrific list of Apps from Kim Garst for creating graphics on the go with your phone!

I just started using Word Swag (iPhone only; but there are other Apps on the list for Android phones) and love it already! Definitely worth the $2.99 if you create a lot of graphics (like image quotes).

Are any of your favorites on this list?

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 3. Everything You Need To Know About The New Google+ Name Policy: An Explainer

Google+ has dropped its “real-name” requirement for accounts. But what does that mean? And is creating a profile with a “fake” name something you should do? Get answers to some important questions in this post from  MarketingLand.

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4. 3 Ways Quizzes Can Drive Social Traffic Back To Your Site

Do you experiment with different types of content on your social sites? If you’ve ever thought about creating a quiz to connect with your audience, this post offers some great tips, examples, and tools.

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5. Follow Whatever Looks Interesting

Pinterest is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to follow “interests”. When you click on a category, you will then see that each category has “a whole new selection of specialized interests to explore”.

We’ll keep you updated as this feature rolls out – look for a blog post or two with some tips on how to prepare your Pins and Boards.

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Bonus: (Pin) Infographic for Facebook Contest Rules

This Infographic helps explains the current ruels and guidelines for Facebook promotions: contests and sweepstakes. Click on the title above to see the Pin and then save it for your reference.

Found any helpful resources this week? Feel free to share in a comment below!


This week’s local photo is a fantastic shot of a Cedar Waxwing (for all you bird enthusiasts) taken by Ken F. Tracey.


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