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Social Media Must Reads

Keep up with the digital marketing world with our Social Media Must Reads: a weekly collection of top resources, news, and updates. Use the tips, strategies, and announcements to optimize your small business’ social media strategy.

How we organize these resources for you:

(1)  5 “Must-Read” articles – Top articles with tips or strategies for social media and digital marketing

(2) Facebook Resources from the Week: A summary of helpful resources and announcements just for Facebook and Instagram

(3) Top News from the week: A list of announcements from top social sites

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Must-Read Articles from the Week:

1. 5 Tips to Improve YouTube Video Performance

by Aleh Barysevich on Social Media Examiner

Use these tips to get more views for your video and more value from this platform.

2. Make Your Audience the Hero With a One-Sentence Agile User Story

by Andrea Fryrear on Content Marketing Institute

Learn more about a “User Story” and how to use it effectively in your content marketing strategy.

3. These Questions Will Boost Your Social Media Engagement 

by Ann Smarty on the Post Planner blog

“Asking a question triggers a natural answering reflex in human beings.”

Use the tips in this article to learn how to use questions in your content that encourage more engagement.

4. 8 Free Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video Without Getting Sued

by Christina Newberry on the Hootsuite blog

Here is a great list of resources when you want to use music on your videos and stay clear of copyright issues.

5. The 30 possible ways you can create customer value

by Mark Schaefer

How can you add value to your content, marketing, and digital strategy? Use this fantastic resource to create a plan to attract more prospects and customers.

Facebook (and Instagram) Resources & News from the Week:

Facebook Marketing Resources

We highlight Facebook and Instagram resources and news each week on our Page. You can follow us on Facebook to see the resources every Friday or check them out here:

Weekly Facebook Resources

This week’s highlights include a Facebook algorithm update and what it means for marketers, more information on how a Group can be linked to your Page, Stories “frames”, and more…


News from the Week:

Top updates and announcements from the major social media platforms: Click on each title to read the full article and then stay tuned for further developments and strategic tips!

Pinterest Boosts Power of Lens Search, Adds QR Codes and New Connection Options

Instagram launches mobile web sharing to pursue global growth

TweetDeck Announces New Features, Adding to Functionality

Snapchat now lets you share content for as long as you want: Limitless Snaps and Looping Videos 


 That’s it for this week! Let us know if you have any questions or comments on any of the resources we’ve shared here!


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