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Social Media Must Reads

Keep up with the digital marketing world with our Social Media Must Reads: a weekly collection of top resources, news, and updates. Use the tips, strategies, and announcements to optimize your small business’ social media strategy. This week’s resources include an Infographic to help you answer the question “Is your Facebook contest legal?”, a checklist for YouTube marketing, and more…

How we organize these resources for you:

(1)  5 “Must-Read” articles – Top articles with tips or strategies for social media and digital marketing

(2) Facebook Resources from the Week: A summary of helpful resources and announcements just for Facebook and Instagram

(3) Top News from the week: A list of announcements from top social sites

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Must-Read Articles from the Week:

1. Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy 

by Michele Linn on Content Marketing Institute

Use this helpful guide to learn why your content marketing strategy should be more than a calendar of when to post.

2. Is Your Facebook Contest Legal? [Infographic] 

on the Short Stack blog

If you’re running a contest on Facebook, make sure you are following all the rules! Use this Infographic (and links to other resources in the post) to stay up-to-date.

3. Uploading To YouTube: The Ultimate Checklist For Video Marketing 

by Zachary Basner on The Sales Lion blog

If you’re new to YouTube marketing (or want to optimize your current efforts), this checklist will help you take the right steps on this platform.

4. How to Set Up a Facebook Messenger Ad

by Tammy Cannon on Social Media Examiner

Facebook is putting a lot of resources into expanding its Messenger App, and advertising your business there may be something to start doing, or at least learning more about for future plans.

5. How Brands Are Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool 

by Chris Zilles on Social Media HQ

This helpful post is a quick read that gives you a summary on how your business can be giving great customer service on social media.


Facebook (and Instagram) Resources & News from the Week:

Weekly Facebook Marketing Resources

We highlight Facebook and Instagram resources and news each week on our Page. You can follow us on Facebook to see the resources every Friday or check them out here:

Weekly Facebook Resources

This week’s highlights include Quarter 1 reports, updates to Marketplace, games in Messenger, and top summer hashtags from Instagram.


News from the Week:

Top updates and announcements from the major social media platforms: Click on each title to read the full article and then stay tuned for further developments and strategic tips!

Twitter debuts slate of a dozen live shows, 24/7 channels at NewFronts event

YouTube brings in big names like Ellen and Kevin Hart for new shows

Snapchat Launching Self-Serve Ad Platform, New TV-like Content and (Maybe) Spectacles 2.0


 That’s it for this week! Let us know if you have any questions or comments on any of the resources we’ve shared here!


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