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News and Updates from the week on Facebook and Instagram

Our bi-weekly summary will help you keep up with news and updates on Facebook and its owned Apps: Instagram and Messenger. We share these resources to help small business owners stay on top of the ever-changing digital marketing world for a more effective social media strategy.

[Note: we were a bit off schedule due to hurricane Irma in Florida, but are now back to a regular bi-weekly posting schedule]

#1: Facebook is merging Power Editor and Ads Manager into one tool

The new tool will be called “Ads Manager” and you can choose which dashboard you prefer (Power Editor or Ads Manager). Learn more about this update from these resources:

Facebook is consolidating its ad-buying tools and combining its ad placement options (MarketingLand)

Facebook Merges Ads Manager and Power Editor into a Single Tool (Social Media Today)

Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Combine Into One Tool (Jon Loomer)

Check out Facebook’s video in their help center

#2: Facebook is rolling Safety Check and other disaster-related tools into “Crisis Response”

Having just gone through hurricane Irma ourselves (with thankfully little damage compared to so many others in our state), this seems like a very helpful update!

Learn more from Mark Zuckerberg’s post, and we’ll keep you updated as it rolls out: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10104036412758271

#3: Facebook is testing the option to share Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

Right now this option is only be tested in one country, but we’re hoping it becomes available to everyone since it would be a major time-saver!

Facebook Tests a New Option to Cross-Post Instagram Stories to Facebook (Social Media Today)

For more Instagram updates this month (so far), check out: Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know – September 2017 Edition (Ad Espresso)

#4: An Infographic for Facebook and Instagram Ad Targeting

Use this helpful graphic to learn more about advertising options.

Your Complete List of Facebook & Instagram Advertising Targeting Options

#5: Instagram Statistics (2017)

If you’re wondering how important Instagram may be to your social media marketing plan, then check out the statistics shared here –

18 Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know for 2017 (Sprout Social) 


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