Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Updates & News 10-28-17

Facebook Updates

Here is our bi-weekly summary of news and updates on Facebook and its owned Apps, including Instagram and Messenger. We share these resources to help small business owners stay on top of the ever-changing digital marketing world for a more effective social media strategy.

We have eleven topics to share with you, including a helpful video that explains how the News Feed works. Click on each link to read the article.

#1: New Built-in Screen-Sharing Feature for Facebook Live

Link: Facebook Live cuts out the middleman, adds its own screen-sharing feature

#2: New Designs for Instagram Ads

Link: Instagram redesigns call-to-action bar to dynamically mirror ads

#3: Official Roll Out of the Explore Feed on Facebook

Link: Facebook officially rolls out its discovery-focused ‘Explore Feed’ 

#4: PayPal Added to Messenger

Link: Facebook’s Adding PayPal as a New Peer-to-Peer Payment Option in Messenger

#5: New Option to Add a Guest to Instagram Live:

Link: Instagram Rolls Out Live Guests Option to All Users

#6: New Features for Facebook Groups:

Link: New Features for Groups to Build Communities

#7: Facebook Addresses Rumors and Reactions to Testing Separate News Feeds for Family/Friends and Pages

Link: Clarifying Recent Tests

#8: New Feature in Facebook’s Marketplace for Car Shoppers

Link: Marketplace Adds More Options for US Car Shoppers

#9: New Features Added to Facebook’s Workplace

Link: Facebook’s Workplace, now at 30,000 organizations, adds Chat desktop apps and group video chat

#10: Facebook is Rolling Out a “View Ads” Tab for All Pages

Link: Facebook Announces New Ad Transparency Options Amidst Ongoing Investigation

#11: Facebook Releases Publisher Guidelines

Link: News Feed Publisher Guidelines

Watch this very helpful video on how the Facebook News Feed works:


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