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We offer custom solutions to companies nationwide, with PROGRESS / Openedge Database Administration and Programming language.

David League has been programming for 29 years, and has special expertise in PROGRESS/Openedge Database Administration and Programming language CHUI Versions 4 through 10.

Experience includes:

  • IT development manager
  • Progress programmer/analyst
  • Progress DBA with extensive years in the manufacturing and financial industry
  • Expertise in building/mentoring IT developers in medium to large companies
  • Skills in systems analysis, design, planning, processes, development and the business political arena


  • Progress / Openedge CHUI Programming Versions 4-10
  • Progress / Openedge DBA for large databases (250+ Gig)
  • Progress / Openedge Database “Dump and Load” maintenance procedure
  • Progress / Openedge vendor software upgrade projects, including:
    – interacting with the software vendor
    – testing the upgrade process
    – working with the vendor to improve the upgrade process
    – performing the upgrade

David League - League Computer Solutions

Contact David directly for inquiries:

phone: 727-375-9200


Learn more about David’s programming experience on LinkedIn.



More on a PROGRESS Database Re-Organization for your Company: 

For clients who wish to improve the speed and performance of their database.

We offer a yearly (or bi-yearly) re-organization or “Dump and Load” of a company’s database.

We develop a custom, scripted dump and load procedure for each company. This procdure eliminates the chance for human error, and makes the entire process more efficient.

A re-organization or “Dump and Load” de-fragments the data by loading it in contiguous order, which reduces the amount of “reads” to the database. Re-building indexes balances out the index trees, which also amounts to less “reads”. This results in better performance.

It also includes adding space to the database to allocate for next year’s growth, which keeps things running smoother thoughout the year.

If numbers are not available to look at growth in the previous year’s database, then we use our judgement to estimate (which comes with 29 years of experience in PROGRESS).

Service performed by:

David League
Senior PROGRESS Database Administrator
29 Years Experience as a PROGRESS Programmer and Database Administrator
Clients include national companies with multiple branches, ranging from 200 – 500 database users

Progress Database ReOrganization Project by League Computer Solutions